Pre Insulated Dual Plate Check Valves for HVAC


VALTREE Dual Plate Check Valve is a universal application non return valve that is much durable, lighter in weight and smaller in size compared to a conventional reflux valve or a swing check valve. The Dual Plate Check Valve is designed exceptionally to solve the problems associated with conventional swing check valve and lift check valve. The Dual Plate Check Valve has two-spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by the action of torsion spring before flow reversal takes place. This design offers the twin advantages of No Water Hammer and Non Slam simultaneously. All features put together make the Dual Plate Check Valve as the most efficient & versatile design. It is also referred to as Silent Check Valve globally.

Technical Details

  • Body: Cast Iron / Ductile Iron / Cast Carbon Steel
  • Disc: Stainless Steel or Bronze
  • Seat: Metal/EPDM Rubber
  • Pressure: PN10, PN16
  • Standard: API 594, 598, API 16D
  • Zero Velocity Non Slamming Characteristics

The Key features:

  • Sizes from 2″ to 24″ diameter.
  • ANSI Class 125 to ANSI Class 2500.
  • API 6A valves ranging from API 5000 to API 10000.
  • Suitable for -1960C (Cryogenic) to 9000C (Fire Safe applications).
  • Soft Seated and Metal to Metal Seated.
  • Fugitive Emission Free Retainer less Design.
  • Models: Wafer, Double & Mono Flanged, Lugged, Extended Flanged Body.
  • Optimum Spring Design for more than 1 million cycles.
  • Zero Velocity Non Slamming Characteristics.
  • Standard compliance with API 594, 598 & 6D, BS 6364, API 6FA amongst others

Pre Insulated Valves

Advantages of Pre Insulated Valves :

  • Closed Cell Content : >95%
  • Water absorption : <0.1%
  • Easy to fix at the site
  • No damage and dissipation

Thermal expansion of polyurethane Foam (PUR) without facings in the temperature range -600C to +800C, measured in relation to density.

Item No. Part Name
1 Body
2 Stop
3 Stop Pin
4 Hinge Pin
5 Spring
6 Retailer
7 Body Bearing
8 Plate Bearing
9 Spring Bearing
10 Sleeve#
11 Eyebolt

*Single Spring up to 125mm (5”)
**Eyebolt provided only for 200mm (8”) and above

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