Why ValtreeGlobal?

Advantages of VALTREETM Polyurethane Insulation

  1. Lowest Thermal Conductivity, to guarantee highest insulating efficiency.
  2. High Heat Resistance for a very wide range of applications.
  3. Acts as an Anti-Corrosion agent also.
  4. High shear strength to avoid detachment during thermal expansion.
  5. High closed-cell content to prevent the spread of moisture.
  6. High mechanical strength to avoid damage during transportation and laying
  7. High cost reduction catalyst and in return offers value for money.
  8. Very versatile in terms of applications like building insulation, sound barrier, shock absorber, temperature control, etc.
  9. Aesthetically wonderful in appearance.
  10. Much multiplied and longer life for Polyurethane Insulation.
  11. Doesn’t require maintenance after installation.
  12. Excellent Time save in terms of Labour and Project Execution Time.

Comparison of Poly Urethane Foam to the Presently used Foam

Thermal Conductivity (K) Value 0.0202 – 0.026 W/M C Thermal Conductivity (K) Value 0.037 – 0.039 W/M C
Life of this insulation on Valves particularly is very high in terms of many years like minimum of 10 years. Life of this insulation on Valves particularly is very short in few months as it comes out fast because of frequent condensation problem.
Provides Highest Insulating Efficiency compared to other materials of insulation It is not the best efficient material for insulation.
There are better choices available.
It is High Closed Content Material It is not High Closed Content Material
Can be moulded in exact shape of given item to suit aesthetically any location Sheets can be cut and pasted on desired material but aesthetically cannot match the exact shapes of item.
One Stop Ready to Fix Technique by way of preinsulation as no work on site is required Requires to be used for insulation on site and comeds in the form of rubber rolls
Requires no time as it is already undergone insulating process at manufacturing stage itself Requires lot of man hours on site to insulate complicated surfaces of valves
Acts as catalyst for Faster Project Execution, Anti Corrosion, aesthetically excellent appearing, value for money, etc. Cannot offer value for money or such features as Rigid Polyurethane Insulation properties.
Does not require Maintenance after installation of Valves Requires frequent Repair & Maintenance for Re-insulating Valves

Installation Photos