Pre Insulated Butterfly Valves Series


Key Features

  • Lining and metallurgy to suit a wide variety of  applications.
  • Integrally moulded seat liner on the body, which ensures excellent dimensional stability & guaranteed seat tightness.
  • Pre Thermo Insulated Butterfly Valves, which avoids the cost and manpower incurred by the customer in insulating the valve  after installation.
  • Integral Thermo Insulation Technology also avoids the re Insulation cost often incurred in conventional insulation techniques.
  • Seat liner extending on to the contact faces ensures perfect sealing and eliminates the need for separate  flange gaskets.
  • Excellent Triple Sealing System (TSS) for shaft sealing ensures zero leakage from shaft seals.
  • A fully universal body design ensures fitment of the valve between companion flanges of all popular standards  (viz: ANSI,BS, DIN, JIS, IS etc ).
  • A ten position notch disc and hand lever ensures locking of the valve in 8 intermediate position in   addition to closed and open position. Hand lever lockable through pad lock for tamper proof positioning.
  • Body castings made of superior FG 260 grade cast iron / Ductile Iron ensure additional strength.
  • Valve disc made of ductile cast iron instead of cast iron to withstand against possible water hammer or pressure surges.
  • Both top and bottom shaft swivelling are guided by self –lubricated PTFE bearings.
  • Fool proof hand lever designed to prevent accidental pinching of hand between the handle and locking lever.