Wafer Butterfly Valve Series

Wafer Butterfly Valve Series


Butterfly Valves offer an economical solution for flow control requirements of pipelines.

Just like gate valves, even butterfly valves offer similar solution of flow control by its feature of shut off and shut on mechanism.

The disc get opened and closed by operation and hence stops or allows the flow of water, as and when required.

The advantage in butterfly valves is its slim design for same applications and being slim offers several advantages like lesser weight and cost apart from easy handling and easy transportation.

Key features

  • Lining and metallurgy to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Integrally molded seat liner on the body, which ensures excellent dimensional stability & guaranteed seat tightness.
  • Seat liner extending on to the contact faces ensures perfect sealing and eliminates the need for separate flange gaskets.
  • Excellent Triple Sealing System (TSS) for shaft sealing ensures zero leakage from shaft seals.
  • A ten position notch disc and hand lever ensures locking of the valve in 8 intermediate position in addition to closed and open position. Hand lever lockable through pad lock for tamper proof positioning.
  • Body castings made of superior FG 260 grade cast iron / Ductile Iron ensure additional strength.
  • Valve disc made of ductile cast iron instead of cast iron to withstand against possible water hammer or pressure surges.
  • Both top and bottom shaft swiveling are guided by self – lubricated PTFE bearings.
  • Fool proof hand lever designed to prevent accidental pinching of hand between the handle and locking lever.